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AirNews Services

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We deliver complete "ready to air" radio news service bulletins to Australian radio broadcasters 7 days a week.  The service is delivered automatically for playback in your station software or live-assist.

We offer the following services:

  • National News / Sport hourly

  • State / Territory News  - Breakfast each week day

  • WA State News - Breakfast, Lunch & Drive weekdays

  • News Headlines from 0600 and 1600 weekdays

  • Air Sport Australia package from 0635 and 1635 weekdays

  • World News -  10 mins available from 0900 weekdays

For information regarding our services complete our contact form.

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What our clients say ...

Just a quick note to say how much we at Yass FM appreciate Air News.


Air News remains the most reliable mainstay of our community radio station played at the top of every hour during the day. We keep a close eye that the latest updates are always going to air.


Your news service quality is comparable to any commercial network news syndication both in quality and reliability. Please keep up your outstanding work.




Steve Burn

Yass FM 100.3 (2YAS)


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